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Who gets what in Tennessee divorce?

One of the most contentious parts of divorce is agreeing on who gets what. Now that you are considering divorce, you may be wondering if you will get to keep the house of if your wife will get it. Who will end up with the vacation house? What about the cars, the retirement accounts and your other investments?

Litigation or mediation: Choosing the right path for your divorce

Every divorce is different. Some couples spend months fighting in court over everything from child custody to which one of them gets the kitchen appliances. Other couples walk into court together, answer a few questions from the judge and walk out with a quick and easy divorce.

Tips to prevent international parental child abduction

When you become involved with a partner that has dual or foreign citizenship, you face the possibility of international child abduction. Fortunately, in addition to the tips provided by the U.S. Department of State to prevent abduction, there are also warning signs that provide red flags.