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Tips to prevent international parental child abduction

When you become involved with a partner that has dual or foreign citizenship, you face the possibility of international child abduction. Fortunately, in addition to the tips provided by the U.S. Department of State to prevent abduction, there are also warning signs that provide red flags.

If your instincts lead you to believe that your partner or ex may be planning to abduct your child and leave the country, contact a Tennessee attorney immediately to schedule a consultation.

Warning signs

Common warning signs of a possible abduction include difficult and messy separations, hiding assets, large cash withdrawals, and signing up for new credit cards.

If your partner has been lying about contacting foreign family members or has no strong ties in the U.S., these could also be signs preparing to abduct your child.

Also, be aware of manipulative behavior, a history of relocating, and any plans to travel abroad. Watch for sudden changes such as quitting a job, selling a home, or closing a bank account.

Preventative measures

First and foremost, be sure to have a detailed custody order that includes the specifics of visitation, relocation restrictions, and a requirement that the court approve any out of state or country travel.

Request that the court or a neutral third party retain possession of your child's passport and contact the embassy of your ex's country to find out about their passport requirements for children.

If you have joint custody, ensure that your child's residential arrangements are clearly specified.

If your ex has threatened to take your child, do not ignore it. Take out a restraining order, if you haven't already, notify the local police, and request additional restrictions on visitation rights.

Take immediate action if you think that your child has been abducted by your ex spouse. File a detailed report with the police and make sure that your child is entered into the FBI's National Crime Information Center system as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that international parental abductions can hap pen very quickly. Taking preventive measures, being aware of the warning signs, and knowing your options may make the difference in keeping your child safe.

If you suspect that your ex is planning to leave the country with your child, do not hesitate in contacting a local Tennessee attorney experienced with handling international parent abduction cases.

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