What Do You Want For Your Life After Divorce?

Divorce is different for everyone. You may have seen it coming after years of growing apart. Your spouse may have brought the decision upon you unexpectedly. You might be the one looking forward to the day when you get to sign the final papers. How you got to this point is only the start of what makes every divorce different.

At The Landers Firm, PLC, our lawyers don't think about divorce in terms of developing solutions that are confined by the law. They talk about your legal wishes and life goals, thinking about how to use the law to best accomplish them. With our law firm, you can focus on what makes your future better.

If you are concerned about how divorce could affect your future, call our office in Memphis, Tennessee, at 901-522-1010 or send us your contact information to schedule an initial consultation.

Our Attorneys Are Your Advocates And Your Personal Guides

The ultimate goal of our representation is to help you obtain the best outcome possible whether you have a simple or high net worth divorce. It is why we hire only experienced attorneys, and they spend significant time continuing to develop their legal knowledge and honing their litigation skills.

Even if you are excited for the day when you can finalize your divorce, you still have to get from point A to point B. The divorce process itself can be confusing, frightening or just frustrating. Our lawyers balance being your fierce advocates with being your personal guides as you come to important decisions regarding:

Meet With Two Of Our Attorneys In Your First Consultation

As with any legal matter, discussing your divorce options sooner rather than later is a good decision. You will typically meet with two talented attorneys for the price of one in your first consultation. Call 901-522-1010 or send us your contact information to begin the conversation about your future.